About Us

Anchor Baptist Church was organized on December 25, 1960, with James G. Baynes as its founding pastor.  Under his leadership, the work of building a new church was begun at 5600 South (Anchor’s present location).  Pastor Baynes never saw the completion of the church building for the Lord called him home in January of 1963.

In March of 1963, Thomas H. Miller accepted the call to come and pastor at Anchor.  Under his leadership, a new educational building was added, and a Christian school was started in 1973.  In February of 1976, Pastor Miller went to Woodland, Colorado, as a favor for a former Anchor member to fill the pulpit of his church for one Sunday.  They had been without a pastor, and after much prayer he agreed to go be their pastor.

Pastor Thomas E. Corkish was invited to candidate at Anchor and was called to be the pastor shortly thereafter.  In May of 1986, Pastor Corkish received an honorary doctorate for his stand on Biblical principles and the Bible as the Word of God.  On December 27, 1987, the church built a new auditorium and is the present meeting place of Anchor Baptist Church.

After many years of faithful service, Dr. Corkish stepped down as senior pastor, and Randall Love became the new senior pastor on June 3, 2012.  Under Pastor Love’s leadership, the Lord blessed Anchor with many new people saved, baptized, and added to the church.

After many years of faithful service and leaving his mark on the hearts and souls of the people at Anchor, the Lord called Pastor Love to lead Grace Baptist Church in Pittsfield, IL. On August 23, 2020 Pastor Jason Atwood was installed as senior pastor and started a journey to pursue his God given vision of the future of Anchor.