Anchor Christian Academy

Anchor Christian Academy is a private Christian school under the ministry of the Anchor Baptist Church of Salt Lake City. In 1974, Anchor Christian Academy begin using the self-paced A.C.E. curriculum. In the fall of 2020, Anchor Christian Academy adopted the ABEKA video curriculum for use in all grade levels. The ABEKA Video Curriculum allows the Academy to continue its growth while fulfilling its vision to build Godly leaders and prepare students for higher education.

Anchor Christian Academy offers education for students in grades K-4 through twelve.

A.C.A. offers an outstanding education at a reasonable rate with multi student discounts available.

Anchor Christian Academy accepts children of varied faiths and backgrounds. All students must agree to uphold the standards and regulations of the school.

Academy interviews can be made through the church office by calling 801-272-9405.

The purpose of Anchor Christian Academy is to prepare a student so that he may graduate with a high academic record, and especially, be able to make a significant spiritual contribution to the world through a daily life which will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Specific purposes include providing the students with the ability to read, mastery of math, and capability of expressing himself orally or in written form. He will be provided a moral sense of right and wrong. He will be encouraged to have respect for his parents and other authority. He will receive an emphasis in American patriotism. He will be challenged with a high regard for the church and the local pastor.

Anchor Christian Academy partners with Abeka Academy to provide students with first-class academic training provided by highly qualified master teachers through the use of the ABEKA Master DVD Program. ABEKA is a trusted curriculum that used been widely used by approximately 10,000 Christian schools across America and around the world for over 40 years. The ABEKA curriculum provides an academically challenging, college prepatory education while at the same time emphasizing strong Christian values, development of character, self-discipline, and proper study habits. We have found that students who have used the ABEKA curriculum are often found to be two years ahead of those in their same grade level in the public school system.

Advantages of the ABEKA Video Curriculum:
1. Your child will receive a truly Christian education – one that is based on the truth’s of God’s Word. Because your child will be using the ABEKA Book curriculum, you can know he will not be exposed to humanistic secular textbooks.

2. Your child will receive first-class academic training. Students in schools using this curriculum attain superior academic achievement. Your child will benefit from the same excellence in academics.

3. We offer this quality Christian education at an affordable cost. By using ABEKA Video Curriculum, one on-site teacher/ administrator can teach several grades, keeping ACA’s teacher cost low.

To View Sample Videos for specific subjects, click on the link below.

Anchor Christian Academy uses the ABEKA Video Curriculum for all grade levels.  If you have any questions about how our school functions, please see the FAQ’s listed below that explain the program and how it works for your child.  If you would like answers to any other questions please call our office.

What is the ABEKA Video Curriculum?  ACA partners with Abeka Academy to provide pre-recorded video instruction from Pensecola Christian Academy’s master teachers.  Pensecola Christian Academy has recorded their experienced master teachers as they teach all subjects in Grades K4-12th.  Abeka continues to update these videos on a continual basis so as to keep them fresh, relevant, and up-to-date.  These videos were recorded in such a way as to include not only the students present in the video but also to include the future students who would be watching these videos.  In doing this, Abeka has been able to make this quality traditional education possible and affordable to students all around the world.

The students of ACA will mainly receive instruction from the master teachers via the ABEKA Video Curriculum.  ACA’s on-site teacher/ administrator will train and enforce proper classroom habits, follow the progress of each class, check homework and class assignments, grade papers, help students in areas they struggle, listen to oral reading, and supervise daily procedures.  Normal class problems are handled as in any typical classroom setting.  Seat work, independent work time, lunch-room and restroom breaks are built into the master schedule.

The entire ABEKA program has been designed with your child in mind.  With the help of the on-site teacher/ administrator, your child will be able to complete assignments and activities that relate to the ABEKA master teacher and students as though he were actually in the classroom.

Will students sit in front of a television all day?  No, actual viewing time is only about three to four hours of a seven-hour school day.  This gives the on-site teacher/ administrator time to give individual class help.  The viewing time is divided up throughout the day by seat-work, study hall, breaks/ recess, lunch, and P.E.

For more information or to register please call 801-272-9405.