What is the Purpose of the Mission?

We believe that the work of the missionary should be centered in evangelism, establishing local New Testament churches, and training of nationals to carry on the work of the local church. We are glad to see the use of modern tools such as radio and literature etc. to help reach the people. But we believe these tools must be used carefully so that they do not become an end in themselves. We believe that the establishment of local New Testament churches should result from the missionaries’ work.

What is the Purpose of the Local Church?

New Testament Christianity is centered in the local church. The Bible commands us to reach the whole world with the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8). This began early in the history of the church when the believers who were in the church at Jerusalem were scattered and began establishing new churches (Acts 8:1). Soon the church at Antioch began giving on her own to help in the establishment of other local churches (Acts 11:19-30; Acts 13:1-4). The sensitivity of the church at Antioch to the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:2), the sending of proven men of spiritual leadership (Acts 13:1), and their direct participation in this missionary venture (Acts 13:3) are principles for the church today. The Spirit of God confirmed this missionary outreach (Acts 13:4). As in the early New Testament example, we hold that it is the local church who sends the missionary.


Albania – Kirk and Bonnie King
Arizona-Navajo Nation – Justin and Tiffany Barnett
Arizona-Navajo Nation – Joel and Fabiola Haynes
Arizona-Navajo Nation – Mark and Tricia Haynes
Arizona-Navajo Nation – Ryan and Amber Nez
Belize – John and Robin Harris
Brazil – Tim and Betty Hawkins
Brazil – True and Diana Hawkins
Brazil – Benjamin and Luciana Leaf
Brazil – Don and Linda Leaf
Brazil – Garry and Pam Tyler
Cambodia – Eli and Mari-lyn Schrock
Canada – Joshua and Sarah Smith
China – Missionary
China – Missionary
Dominican Republic – Mike and Andrea Dombrosky
Dominican Republic – Ron and Kathy Valerio
England – Keith and Kimberly Cashner
England – Kent and Andrea Gossmeyer
France – Billy and Sophie Allardice
France – Chuck and Anita Bauman
Ireland – Dan and Beth Canavan
Kurdistan – Missionary
Mexico – Steven and Peggy Harris
Mexico – Matt and Annetta Johnson
Mexico – Clint and Rhonda Rardin
Scotland – Don and Tabitha Clough
South Africa – Gary and Stephanie Norberg
South Africa – Jim and Karen Wyatt
South Korea – Rob and Brenda Oetman
Suriname – Louise Champlin